Know the digital marketing trends of 2017

marketing trends of 2017

Marketing is an important component of running a successful business. If you have services to offer but not an effective strategy to market them then the business effort might go in vain. 2017 is upon us and it is time to look at some of the interesting marketing strategies that would help your business grow. One thing for sure is that social media marketing is here to stay. Some of the marketing trends of 2017 are likely to be big news for online businesses. So if you are too lazy to make your online page or website, here is your queue. Digital marketing will surely establish business success if done right with the proper content.

Snap is one of the key trendsetters in the marketing trends of 2017. The company has already started to establish its domain in hardware but marketing experts cannot help deny the emergence of the app as a major player of real time marketing. Snapchat brought back moment focused communication which all major marketing players can agree matters much. They are short, interactive and fun to make. Individual attention span is shortening down so the message for products has to be toned down as well. Snap has become excellent in delivering in the moment content which is a big trend to be seen all throughout 2017.

Marketing trends of 2017 layout business success

Twitter might not die but the tweets will. Many people have been predicting the death of Twitter for the past two years or more. Twitter might not die but there will be less tweets on it. People are likely to read longer pieces, now. However, it is still a nice medium for marketing tiny bits of information to the audience. The main idea is to make the audience crave tweets by lessening the number but still having a presence. This way there will be no newsfeed clutter and people will know that your brand exists out there in the market. Limiting your tweets will also make sure that the audience feels the need to be hooked for your next tweet.

Facebook live broadcasts for events are an excellent medium for marketing. One of the major marketing trends of 2017 is making the audience feel as if they are a part of the event. 360 videos and images are in trend so even if you’re consumers cannot make it to the event, they will turn into live broadcasts and be a part of the virtual experience. For example, many newspapers like Washington Post go on Facebook live broadcasts in interviews. The White House also has made use of the Facebook live feature for their event coverage. One cannot deny the importance of social media in covering events now, and if you want to make a big hit then make sure that your audience is in tune to your live coverage. Snapchat is helpful in this regard but seems like Facebook is quickly taking over it.

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Take Integrated Marketing communication seriously

Make use of new social media platforms to expand your business. One thing that needs to be known by every marketer out there is that IMC is the way forward to making sure your business thrive. Integrated marketing communication deals with making use of various media outlets and propagating the same message. Don’t be shy in establishing your social media presence. IMC not only brings out a coherency in the brand but is helpful in attracting more audience. There will be a major change in advertising. It is because the organic reach is clustering with a lot of content. Advertising and marketing is sure to change so that there is more organic reach. So this means that having a presence on more social media websites will help reaching out more audience through organic means.

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There will be an increase of customer experience of the product. It is necessary to keep your feedback channels open and respond to customer queries. The entire drive is designed out bringing the best experience for the customer. This conversion will then lead to a lot more brand loyalty. The marketing trends of 2017 are focused on keeping the audience hooked by showing them that they are valued. Brands have to choose specific platforms for their survival but that doesn’t mean you cannot be an all-rounder. The aim of good marketing is conversions of clicks into customers. Feedback through media channels will not only bring out refinement in the products or services being offered but will harness a more credible image of the brand.

Analytics help in understanding consumer behavior

Trigger the emotions. Well, this is a simple key to gaining more customers. Know what your audience want and then make sure that they get it from you. Social media has equipped us to reach to our potential customers on a one on one basis. It is therefore necessary that rather than focusing on mass marketing, the brand speaks the language of only one potential consumer. Brand tribe is the lingo and is very real in driving change. People are able to relate to businesses that they know understand their problems and can provide the solution. Instead of focusing on mass marketing use the data provided by analytics to narrow your audience. See what they respond to well and then alter your message in relation to their needs which is surely bound to get more conversions.

Content is your key

Content is still king when it comes to marketing dynamics. We see that technology is quickly pacing towards augmented reality such as Pokemon Go. Video content is more viewed and shared. The opportunity for marketers here lies in creating videos that speak volumes of content but in a short span of time. Virtual reality is the next big thing so if your brand can make use of it, this is the time. People will not only interact with the brand more but will also remember your brand. Developing Virtual reality videos is one way to experiment in the market and attract consumers. Brands need to incorporate a more visual and video appeal into their brand. Multimedia will not only capture audience attention but give your brand an edge over consumers who still deploy the traditional marketing strategies.

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Chatbots and Artificial intelligence will be a component of the marketing trends of 2017. With so many companies working on chatbots and AI it seems that brands will also be using them. They can be used to gather consumer purchasing behavior data which can then be used by brands.

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