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Photo filter app is expanding on live streams

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Prisma is a popular photo filter app. It was developed by a Russian company and gained massive popularity. Prisma is launching a feature that will work for Facebook Live. This update in Prisma will let users broadcast through Facebook live with one of the eight photo filter features. The filters will be applicable in their live broadcasts. The photo filter application is only available in iPhone 6s and 7. The limitation is the biggest in this regard, since Prisma said that filter application takes a lot of processing power. Only new phone hardware will be able to handle such processing power.

Prisma is based on the open source program called DeepArt and the technique of style transfer. Google and Facebook have shown their own take on the concept of Style transfer. Facebook filters work with images, videos and live broadcasts which will hit the U.S audience soon.

Photo filter technology is being tested out on Facebook

The company aims to bring new improvements in the app. The app will allow users the ability to choose any aspect ratio. It should be noted that it only deals with square photos. Prisma will also provide GIF support and the ability to perform offline video processing in Android devices.

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The photo filter app also promised to be more social which means that there will be more shareability on social media. Many rumors involved that Prisma might get acquired since Moiseenkov visited the Facebook HQ this year. However no such rumors have gotten more air. Gett got sponsored filters from Prisma. Since sponsored filters have worked excellently for Snapchat it seems that Prisma is trying to adopt the same strategy. The company needs to keep up pace if they want to expand into the business. Because, the rivals are picking up on the game pretty quickly and it seems that the Prisma craze is dying out.

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