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For gamers, the Galaxy S23 introduces a beneficial charge bypass option

The tech company Samsung has introduced the Galaxy S23 with a number of improvements. The smartphone is delivered pre-loaded with One UI 5.1 interface.  One of the most interesting features presented with the Galaxy S23 series is the option that bypasses charging. Such a feature could be quite useful specifically for gamers or for those users who want to take extra precautions with the battery.

Users can find the Pause USB Power Delivery feature in the Galaxy S23 series. It can be spotted in the Game Booster settings [@ NL Tech]. The feature works by enabling the device to provide the input power directly to the processor. It suggests that the battery of the device won’t charge when this feature is activated. When the power from the charger is directly supplied to the chipset, less heat is generated. Therefore, it provides better performance and improved thermals.

In addition to this, it aids with better battery health. in cases when the device is not continuously charged, the battery charge cycle is decreased. It helps to keep the battery in good health in the long run. Presently, the feature is only offered with the Galaxy S23 series. As of now, it is uncertain whether the above-mentioned feature is attributed to modern hardware or to the latest version of Game Booster. So, it might be a question of whether it will be introduced to previous models or not.  

It can be hoped that the company introduces this feature to more devices in the near future. However, it is quite surprising that why the company has not mentioned such a feature during the launch event and with the One UI 5.1 changelog.

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