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Foxconn Never Promised US An LCD Factory

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The settlement of contract manufacturer Foxconn in the US state of Wisconsin continues to cause lively discussions – also between the contractual partners there. Because these are now fighting over promises and funds.

Wisconsin – or rather the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) as the implementing organization, recently announced its decision that the Taiwanese company should no longer receive state subsidies because it had not kept its promises. This applies above all to the construction of a large LCD factory. This was originally announced in a big way, but to date, the company has only had minor activities at the location and, above all, no display production.

Foxconn showed up, according to a report by The Verge a little surprised at the development. Because the LCD factory was spoken of in public as a possibility, but its construction was never an important part of the contracts between the company and the state.

Foxconn is ready to talk

“The evaluation by the WEDC is based on the assumption that the 10.5-generation TFT-LCD factory was a significant part of the agreement,” said Foxconn in a statement. But this was not the case. Accordingly, there was only an oral agreement that Foxconn would set up a high-tech production facility in Wisconsin that would ensure a good investment climate and jobs in the tech sector in the long term.

However, the company showed that it was ready to talk. So they are ready to accept lower subsidies for the possibility of greater flexibility with regard to the decisions about what exactly to settle in the USA. Ultimately, however, this also includes the unspoken threat to argue with the US state in court about the precise interpretation of the treaties.

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