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Free Netflix mobile games arriving this month

Get ready for the four new free games that arrive this month in the Netflix catalog.

The new Netflix games for mobile are already almost as long-awaited as the series and movies that premiere on the platform. For this month of May, the company has announced the arrival of four new titles that can be downloaded completely free by subscribers of the most popular streaming service. In the current Netflix game catalog, it is already possible to find a wide variety of titles of all kinds. With these four new additions, Netflix aims to attract even more gamers. This is all that arrives in May: Four new Netflix games are added this month to the catalog of available titles.

Dragon Up

In this game with graphic style inspired by Scandinavian style and fairy tale illustrations, we will raise and collect dragons of different types, to help them recover their magic. Netflix defines it as an “incremental adventure game” that stands out for its careful animations. The game is available on Android and iOS from May 24, and It can be downloaded for free by subscribers of any Netflix plan, through the platform’s own app.


At Moonlighter we accompany Willa merchant who during the day is in charge of a store, and at night he explores catacombs, kills monsters, and reveals hidden mysteries. One of the peculiarities of this title is that will have to live with Will both during his nocturnal adventures and in his day-to-day work inside the store. As Dragon Up, Moonlighter is also available from May 24. Moonlighter is another of the Netflix games arriving in May.

Townsmen – A Kingdom Rebuilt

With Townsmen, Netflix intends to attract lovers of strategy games. It is a mobile version of one of the most popular titles in its category, where we will start with a small village, with the aim of turning it into a gigantic medieval city with thousands of inhabitants. Townsmen can be downloaded through the app of Netflix from May 24. Townsmen, is one of the first Netflix strategy games to arrive on mobile.

Exploding Kittens

The mobile version of the famous board game is here. It offers the possibility of playing individual games or with up to five players, doing everything possible to avoid the felines or disable them to prevent them from flying through the air. Unlike the rest of the games, Townsmen will make you wait a few more days: You will be able to download it from May 31. The mobile version of Exploding Kittens retains the mechanics of the board game.

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