Future Samsung Galaxy phones might have faster charging

When it comes to the charging speeds of Android phones, it is not the Samsung Galaxy phones that support the slowest charging speed. In fact, the latest Pixel 8 series by Google features support for 33W charging speed. At the same time, Chinese firms are aiming for 200W charging speeds. So, the rumor that Samsung might debut its future smartphones with support for 65W charging speed is a bit less compared to the Chinese company’s offerings. There is a possibility that Samsung might take the next step with caution.

Currently, the Galaxy smartphones feature 45W charging speeds. Well, this is the same charging speed that was initially offered with the Galaxy S20 series in 2020. From this perspective, a charging boost is a much-needed feature for Galaxy smartphones. Some recent pieces of information suggest that it might change in the future. Well, it won’t happen with the upcoming Galaxy S24 series, but we can expect it at some point later next year.

Galaxy phones could feature 65W charging support

In the past years, the company debuted the 45W charging speed feature in the Galaxy S20 Ultra. The remaining models in the series were limited to 25W charging. The same approach was adopted for the following year’s flagship series. However, in 2022, the Plus model received a 45W charging speed, and the standard model featured a 25W charging speed.

The same strategy was reflected in the Galaxy S23 series, and rumors now suggest that the Galaxy S24 phones will feature the same charging speed as the Galaxy S23 series. In simple words, it is rumored that the Plus and Ultra models of the Galaxy S24 series will feature a 45W charging speed, whereas the base model will feature a 25W charging speed. Besides this, some rumors claim that the Ultra model might feature support for 65W charging.

Recently, Revegnus, the X tipster, shared that Atum has introduced two new chargers to its portfolio. Atum supplies smartphone charge transformers to Samsung. The company has recently introduced 65W and 140W chargers that might be used with the upcoming Galaxy devices.

Furthermore, the tipster claims that Atum is currently providing Samsung with flat transformers for 45W chargers. So, the new 65W solution might be used by Samsung. Previously, we learned that Samsung was working on a 65W charger, so there is a possibility. On the other hand, the 140W charger might be dedicated to laptops.

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