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Future smartphones could offer more RAM than a computer system

Once upon a time, we had smartphones featuring 3GB of RAM. Since then, the numbers have only increased for the RAM of a smartphone to indicate that they now match the RAM offered on a mid-range computer. According to a fresh piece of information provided by Digital Art Station, a smartphone company is evidently testing a smartphone with 32GB of RAM.

Smartphones featuring 32GB of RAM could be in testing

Several flagship Android smartphones feature 12GB or 16GB of RAM, for example, the ASUS ROG Phone 7. Previously, the 8GB option was reserved for flagship smartphones, but now it has been reserved for mid-range smartphones, and the 4GB option is intact for budget devices.

The OnePlus Ace Pro 2 features a mind-blowing 24GB of RAM, although 16GB seems to be the upper limit (many moderately powerful computers have this much RAM). That’s absurd, but OnePlus is the company that released the first phone with 8GB of RAM before Android could even make use of that much RAM.

After this, we are left with the possibility of a smartphone featuring 32GB of RAM. Given that it’s double what the best phones on the market today utilize, that seems a little excessive. That ought to be sufficient to accommodate any daily-use app. There is no clue whether an Android smartphone will be capable enough to fully utilize all of the RAM or not when/if such a device arrives.

Currently, there are no details on which company is experimenting with the 32GB RAM option. If there is any such device, then it will serve as the main selling point for the smartphone. There are slightly fewer chances that such a device might enter the market early since we just had the 32GB RAM smartphone, so an upgrade will likely require some time.

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