Price Leak: OnePlus Nord Would Be Priced Under $500

OnePlus Nord

OnePlus has grown up by offering a lot of technology at a relatively good price. In recent years, OnePlus has increasingly come closer to “normal” prices. But with the OnePlus Nord, you want to go back to the roots.

The OnePlus One was released in 2014 and the debut of the Chinese manufacturer took the smartphone world by storm. Because for just 269 or 299 euros (with 16 GB or 64 GB of internal memory) you got a device that could keep up with the top devices of the time in many (but not everyone) ways.

This gave OnePlus a loyal, yes fanatic following, but in the years that followed the devices also became more expensive. The claim “flagship killer” was forgotten because you yourself became more and more a premium manufacturer. This was a necessity or not surprising considering the quality of the devices, but the fans thought that it was no longer “their” OnePlus.

OnePlus Nord “under $500”

So the manufacturer has created a new series called OnePlus Nord, which wants to focus on old strengths, i.e. an excellent price/performance ratio. OnePlus boss Peter Lau has already revealed what price you are targeting and which brand you want to undercut, the OnePlus Nord should cost less than $500. But of course, there is a question of how much deeper it will go, because competitors like Xiaomi or Huawei offer more than solid 5G devices for 390 to 450 dollars. The answer will be on July 21st when OnePlus is hosting a virtual launch event.

A leak now provides an indication that one should take “under $500” quite literally. Because, as Mobilissimo reports, a Romanian dealer ran OnePlus Nord for 2300 lei in his system, which is the equivalent of 475 euros or $535. However, one should be careful with this leak, because the dealer uses an old picture of the “OnePlus 8 Lite“.