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Are Galaxy Note 7 replacements catching fire too?

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There is no better way to put it: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is unsafe. The third incident of the phones exploding has come to the limelight. Samsung recalled all its Galaxy Note 7 after the faulty battery started exploding causing physical injuries to consumers and property damages.

Galaxy Note 7 is officially unsafe

The recent case of explosion came forward from a man living in Kentucky. Michael Klering of Nicholasville told WKYT that he awoken by smoke in his room around 4 am. His phone was on fire and the entire room was filled with smoke. Later that day he was hospitalized due to acute bronchitis caused by smoke inhalation. It is not known where Klering would press charges against Samsung.

Klering told WKYT that the phone wasn’t plugged in the charging port. He had owned the replacement phone more than a week but the Note 7 still did not turn out to be safe, after all. He seemed very disappointed at the customer service response by Samsung as well.

It seems that Samsung is trying to ignore the explosion of replacement phones. Klering’s phone caught fire on Tuesday and Samsung knew about it but did not issue a public response.

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The most troubling detail of this incident is that Samsung is well aware that its replacement phones are also catching fire. The first incident occurred in southwest flight 994 that was going to Baltimore at Louisville international airport. The entire plan had to be evacuated including the crew members because the phone overheated and smoke filled the entire plane. A note 7 has also exploded in the hands of a 13 yr old while she was using it.

Third party Samsung phones are still under the threat of explosion and the company is not enough to provide value to their customers.

If you have a Samsung Note 7, we recommend that you get a refund for the love of your life.

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