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Are you doing your social media marketing right?

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Social media marketing is the new way of direct marketing. It encompasses gorilla and direct marketing strategies that engage the consumers and help build long lasting client-seller relationship. It is also free of cost, convenient and renders amazing results if done according to proper methods. Not many businesses however in Pakistan are well versed in the methods of engaging and keeping followers on social media. Social media marketing is fairly new but it is a transitioning niche. Businesses are now acknowledging the potential of this marketing method and employing teams to handle their social media platforms.

Breaking down the methodology of Social media marketing the basic three rules are:

Be consistent: Being consistent in your content and engagement is necessary. You cannot put a lot of empty spaces in your social media posting. The inconsistency impacts the audience reach and engagement. Facebook is very helpful in giving a full view of audience reach and engagement but in Twitter, this service isn’t that developed. It is absolutely necessary to post at least once a day just so the audience knows you’re out there in the market. Otherwise, be prepared for competitions to take over.

Social media marketing helps overcome communication barriers

Know your audience: It is necessary to know what your audience wants and produce content that resonates with their want. Be open to the idea that what you may want is not what the audience wants so it is necessary to tailor your content according to their needs. This can be done by looking at the analytics of posts, the one with the more engagement is what the audience wants. If you keep on producing the content that does not strike a chord with the audience then all efforts go to vain.

Be a good social media citizen: Realizing that you’re a part of the internet community and respecting the guidelines of the people is exactly the type of approach that will get you far. It is necessary to define your limit of posting content and stick to it. Spamming is not only bad manners in the internet community but it also will make people unfollow your brand. Losing audience is a bad mark on your online presence. The aim is to gain followers than to lose them.

Reach out: Reaching out to big players in the industry seems a bit daunting but remember, they started from where you started and getting a bit “pick me up” is nothing to be ashamed of. Buzzsumo is an excellent tool for sharing the big player’s content and making an impact. They might also share your content with their followers.

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Market your social platforms: Never be shy of showing that you’re out there. There are many social networking sites and you should have a presence on each one of them. It might be time consuming but is worth the hassle. Put your social media share buttons on each blog post so that the content get shares to different platforms. There are multiple plugins on WordPress that help you in customizing share buttons for blog posts.

Social media platform is brand identity

Convert email subscribers to social media accounts: Asking your email subscribers to link to your social media platform is an excellent way of engagement. Not only will you get more followers but this strategy will help you penetrate more target audience.

Be available: The about page of the blog and social media response time say a lot about your brand. People like active engagement and responses Give them an email or a number through which they can reach out to your directly. If you take days to respond to the queries people have then chances are that they have already lost interest in your product. You have to respond quickly or get back to them in order to sustain their interest. Facebook has made tailored replies in case someone messages your page when owners are not logged in. The owners can then respond later on.

Follow others: Just because you’re a brand does not mean that you cannot follow others and interact with them. Not only interaction with competition in the market raises your good social points but your competitors can be your inspiration. If you have an idea of what your competition is like then you can tackle them by creating content superior than them. Following others will create an amiable image of your brand.

Every effort counts on social media

Be a story-teller: You cannot just shove promotional content down audience throat and call it marketing. The art of story-telling through content is always more profitable when it comes to retaining the message. Marketing campaigns with story-telling formats are always more engaging with a high chance that your client will retain the message.

The power of hashtags: Hashtags are important to attract relevant audience on platforms like twitter and instagram. You can now use hashtags on Facebook as well but the trend there hasn’t caught up much. We do not want to appear as a snob in front of the followers, after all. Hashtagify.me is an awesome platform to search for relevant hashtags and connect with the audience.

Post viral and post often: Viral content can instantly get you more followers and posting content often helps you sustain your followers. Post Planner is awesome at helping users with images and content that has proven to go viral. For optimal posting frequency there is no specific formula. It is different for different networks and audiences. The more you test out the posting frequency and see what fits, the better.

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Quality over quantity: I cannot emphasize enough on the quality of content. It has huge impact over the brand over all. If your content is of quality then rest assure that it will gain some very loyal followers. Compromising on content is often the biggest fail when it comes to managing an effective online platform.

These are some of the helpful tips to get you loyal followers and establishing a credible image on social media networks.

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