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Galaxy Ring will release model numbers for Q-series

Samsung is launching a new line of mobile devices this year. At Mobile World Congress, the business confirmed a few specifications for its upcoming smart ring. For lovers of Samsung Health who aren’t big on wearing smartwatches, the Galaxy Ring is a blessing.

As you may be aware, Samsung uses the same model number prefix for its wearable products, such as Galaxy Watches and Galaxy Buds. Take the “SM-R510” model number for the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro earbuds, for instance. The model number “SM-R930” designates the 40mm Galaxy Watch 6.

In spite of this, it stands to reason that the next wearable gadget, the Galaxy Ring, will likewise use the “SM-R” scheme. However, as it happens, the Galaxy Ring will introduce the latest model number.

Model number of the Galaxy Ring disclosed

According to information obtained by our colleagues at GalaxyClub, the Galaxy Ring will be the first Samsung product to bear the new “SM-Q” moniker. The Galaxy Ring is precisely designated as model number SM-Q500. Why 500 rather than a different figure? And why Q rather than R? No one is aware.

It turns out that the Galaxy Ring’s firmware structure differs from smartphones and smartwatches in addition to the model number. For example, the country code EUX will not be present in Galaxy Ring firmware in Europe. As an alternative, Samsung will make Galaxy Ring firmware available for a number of country codes, such as XAR/AASA for other countries and EUA, EUB, EUC, EUD, EUE, and EUF for Europe.

Our best guess for the release date of the Galaxy Ring with model number SM-Q500 from Samsung is early July. At that point, the upcoming unpacked event should happen, and gadgets like the Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Z Fold 6 will officially launch.

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