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Updates to Google Chrome will speed up affordable Galaxy devices

Chrome's battery performance

When using Google Chrome for Android, have you ever noticed that you have a lot of tabs open over time, which clogs the browser and slows down the device? You don’t want to shut them down, though, because you might need to access them later. If that’s the case, Google is working on a fix for you.

Google is reportedly developing a feature called Tab Declutter for Chrome for Android, according to 9To5Google. This feature is supposed to automatically archive every tab that you haven’t used in a while, which will speed up the performance of the phone and the app in addition to clearing up the web browser’s clutter. With their modest processor and memory capacities, inexpensive Galaxy phones will find great use for this capability. We’re presuming you could visit the archive section and look over those tabs at a later time if you wanted to view them.

You can choose to choose numerous tabs, bookmark them, and then dismiss all of the tabs in the current version of Google Chrome for Android in order to optimize the efficiency of both the program and the phone. This way, you can still access the tabs at a later time. But the Tab Declutter tool will take care of these tasks for you automatically, which might be rather useful. It is anticipated that the feature won’t launch until Chrome 125 is released, which is due for release in May.

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