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Galaxy S20 Ultra Users Complain About Cracks On Rear Camera Glass

S20 Ultra Hole

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is the top model from the South Korean manufacturer, but the device has had various problems since its release. The most serious one so far concerns the rear camera, because some of them break the glass there.

The cheapest version of the Galaxy S20 Ultra also costs at least 1200 euros, which is, of course, a lot of money. And for a clear four-digit amount, buyers can expect top quality and probably perfection. But the Samsung device has been struggling with minor and major problems since its release. These mostly have to do with the software and, luckily, can also be remedied by updates.

However, there are currently increasing reports from owners complaining that the glass of the rear-facing camera is breaking. There are complaints from dozens of Galaxy S20 Ultra owners who are complaining about it in the Samsung forums and on social communities like Reddit.

It is said that the glass cover of the camera (s) on the back jumps or breaks for no apparent reason. Everyone assures that the damage happened without outside influence and that the device had not dropped. Most also state that the Galaxy S20 Ultra was also protected with a high-quality case.

First a small crack that gets bigger

The damage usually begins with a thin hairline crack that does not or only slightly affects functionality. Over time, however, the crack gets bigger and can end up in a really huge “bullet hole”.

Samsung has so far classified this damage as “cosmetic”, which means that it is not considered a warranty case. This means that those affected must pay for the repair themselves. If you pay for the Samsung Premium Care program, that’s $100, without paying just under $400.

At the moment there is already speculation as to whether this is a design quirk, and there are already calls for a recall. At the moment, however, you cannot estimate how widespread the problem is and what is the cause.

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