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Galaxy S23 will receive a 2x portrait option with the upcoming software update

Samsung has introduced the Galaxy S23 series with a feature-rich camera app and flexible hardware. Gaalxy S23 smartphones offer excellent camera features in different situations. The South Korean conglomerate has introduced the Camera Assistant and Expert RAW apps for professionals. These apps help professionals to extract more from the camera. besides all these features, the smartphone still misses out on the 2x magnification in portrait mode. However, it is coming soon.

Recently, the company has rolled out a major software update for the Galaxy S23 series. This update was focused on improved camera performance. Now, it is anticipated that the company will roll out one more significant update that will focus on the improvement in low-light photography and fix the HDR halo effect. It is expected to be rolled out by the end of this month. Furthermore, the camera development team of the company has unveiled that soon it will introduce the 2x zoom option in the Galaxy S23’s camera app portrait mode.

Presently, only 1x and 3x zoom modes are available in the camera app’s portrait mode of the Galaxy S23 series. Users can use the 1x option and click portrait shots from the primary camera, whereas the 3x option enables the users to capture portrait shots from the 3x telephoto camera. However, according to users, the 1x option is too wide and the 3x mode is too zoomed in. Perhaps the 2x option can resolve this issue.

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