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Galaxy Xcover 7 will probably be a sturdier Galaxy A55

Samsung introduces a range of tough phones under its Xcover line of phones in addition to the pricey Galaxy S smartphones. The Galaxy Xcover 7 has just been the subject of an intriguing report from Galaxy Club (via SamMobile). It might resemble another phone that Samsung is releasing in some ways.

Speaking of Samsung’s robust devices, you should consider purchasing an Xcover 6 if you’re seeking a reliable phone within the Galaxy ecosystem. This is the most recent Xcover phone available right now. Even though it lacks headline hardware, it can withstand a lot of abuse.

It has a sturdy construction, is dust- and water-resistant, and Samsung regularly upgrades its software.

A new leak was revealed via Galaxy Xcover 7

We are currently unaware of any of this phone’s specifications. They might, however, be similar to the specifications of another phone that Samsung plans to release. The Galaxy Xcover 7’s model number (SM-G556B) has been made public, and it is strikingly like the Galaxy A55’s model number (SM-A556B).

The Galaxy A54, which was released this year, is expected to be replaced by the Galaxy A55. This suggests that the company may be considering releasing the Xcover 7 in 2019. It also suggests that this phone may have characteristics that are comparable to, if not equal to, those of the Galaxy A55.

The projected specifications for this phone indicate that it will be a mid-range model. Therefore, we can anticipate a 5000mAh battery, a 1080p+ AMOLED display, 8GB of RAM, a mid-range chipset, 128GB of storage, and a moderately slow charging rate.

This phone won’t likely be released anytime soon. For those who are anticipating Samsung’s upcoming rugged phone, there is plenty to look forward to.