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Spotify might need you to subscribe for premium to see song lyrics

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With each passing day, it’s becoming more and more expensive to use streaming apps. Spotify has raised its subscriptions in many countries. As per information via Phone Arena, Spotify is planning to charge you for seeing song lyrics.

A month ago, the premium price was raised. The base price for Spotify was $9.99 per month, which was raised to $10.99 per month for single users. That might not be a huge jump, but still, it has more ways to get money from the user’s pocket.

Spotify might charge you to see song Lyrics

Many times, users like to follow up with lyrics, especially when their favorite song is playing. This feature serves even more with Spotify’s live lyric feature. This feature was also recently adopted by YouTube Music.

With the latest news, it looks like not everyone will be able to access this feature for long. As users are trying to access the lyrics, a notification pops up saying to sign up for premium. A message will be displayed saying, “Enjoy lyrics on premium” with a button to get the subscription. Although. This isn’t visible to everyone just yet.

The co-head of global communications at Spotify, CJ Stanley, responded to The Verge’s request for a comment by saying that the business is “currently testing this with a limited number of users in a pair of markets.”

So far, it is unknown whether Spotify will make this a permanent change. It might depend on how poorly the testing community receives this adjustment. This is obviously not going to sit well with anyone. Nobody desires to pay for a service that was formerly free. In any case, only time will tell whether Spotify will actually go through with this or not.

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