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Galaxy Z Flip 5G Receives Android 12 Update In The United States


The Android 12-based OneUI 4.0 update is now available on Samsung’s Galaxy Z flip 5G smartphone within the US. Both carrier-locked and unlocked versions of the foldable phone are now getting the major Android update for the United States. The 4G-only version from the first-ever clamshell folding phone has received the updated model in the US and other markets. The phones that are not locked versions that are part of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 5G in the US have received an Android 12 update with firmware version F707U1UEU2EUL9. 

The update that is available for carriers-locked models of the phone is now rolling out using firmware version F707USQS2EUL9 SamMobile says . According to the latest report, this model of the Galaxy Z Flip 5G is receiving the December 2021 Android security patch in this update. This is a bit disappointing considering that Samsung has already begun with the release of February’s security update for its phones. It’s possible that the clamshell folding device will also be able to make the leap to the most recent SMR (security maintenance release) soon.

Besides the security patch, there are plenty of other features to be looking forward to in this release for the Galaxy Z Flip 5G though. It’s an important Android OS update after all. In addition to the features included as part of Google’s version Android 12, we also have many extensions and tweaks coming from Samsung. Samsung is a Korean firm that has made a few minor adjustments to its One UI user interface and also enhanced its stock applications. It is possible that there are too many updates to cover them all in this article. We recommend reading our comprehensive coverage of One User Interface 4.0 features to find out more.

Galaxy Z Flip 5G has been the newest Galaxy to receive Android 12 in the US

Samsung started to roll out the Android 12 update in the stable channel around November midway through the previous year, with the first release being Samsung’s Galaxy S21 series. The pace began to increase towards the closing of December. It’s released the new One UI update to a number of Galaxy tablets and smartphones. The majority of them have received the major upgrade in the US too. A few remaining, like Galaxy Z Flip 5G, for instance.

Galaxy Z Flip 5G, is joining the party too. So If you’re running the 5G version of Samsung’s original foldable clamshell, an important software update is headed to you. It’s a huge download from the air (OTA). Therefore, you may want to connect your device to a reliable Wi-Fi connection prior to downloading in order to avoid any unwanted costs for data usage. It’s also recommended to create an important backup before installing any major updates.



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