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An iOS Bug May Hit One’s iPhone on December 2nd

A bug in iOS 11.1.2 is making iPhones to crash continuously once the clock strikes 12:15 am on the 2nd of December 2017. As per iMore and Yoshimasa Niwa—a Twitter Engineer the bug seems to be associated with third-party applications that incorporate the use of local alerts for stuff like reminders.


Local alerts or local notifications are a part of the alerts options present to the applications of App Store. They are different from the distant notifications as they do not come from the internet services.

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These notifications are most widely used for alerting things the App Store Apps wants an individual to do like feeding one’s in-game creatures, or meditation or handling to-dos.

The problem is reported for all the downloaded applications from the App Store using the local notification API of Apple.

If one’s phone is free of any third-party apps sending local alerts, then there are no reasons for one to worry. And if one has, then one needs to wait until Apple offers some solution for the bug, until that time there are two options out of which a user can choose one that may be the least tiring.

The options are:

  • Turning off all notification for the apps that incorporates local notifications.
  • Changing the date back to some time before the December 2; that would permit one to keep track of appointments, play some games, properly receive messages or some other basic functions.

One can also use the Public beta of iOS 11.2 that seems to have a fix for the issue.

This is some major troubling problem if one gets affected as 2nd December hits in one’s local time zone. The provided options could give quick fixes until Apple introduces the final version of iOS 11.2.

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