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Your easy guide to GIF making tools

GIF making

GIFs are very popular on social media. Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, every popular social media website has a lot of GIFS. The visual loops are best in explaining pop culture references and are great way to interact. Not only do GIFS do justice to photos but are memories stored forever. Making GIFs is also fun because one can make a point without writing down massive paragraphs. Previously, GIF were made in Photoshop and After Effects. Things however are much easier now so there is no need to hassle over photo manipulation software’s. There are many convenient GIF making tools on the internet. These GIF making tools are easy to use and are free. There are multiple options to pick from and these websites offer good suggestions. Here are a couple of GIF making tools that you can use to create awesome GIF’s.

GIF making has never been easier

Giphy released the Capture app for Mac desktop which is very simple to use. It can capture up to 30 seconds of footage at a time. There are only three options available for frame rate and size but users can add captions easily. The app makes high resolution GIFs which often might be too big for forums like Tumblr. The app’s slider is able to GIF any footage that is equal to 3 seconds or longer. Nothing shorter than three seconds will be made into a GIF.

GIFs.com is a site that makes GIFs of almost anything. This is the most easy and awesome GIF making tool in the market. Users need to post the URL of the video they like to make a GIF from. Youtube, Vine and Instagram are supported by it. Users can also upload their own videos.

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Screen to GIF is also an easy GIF making tool. Users select a portion of the screen and record anything that is happening in the area. It is a simple Windows application. The Recorder option of the screen picks the region of the screen where to record. The webcam lets users record GIFs. Board enables drawing on the GIFs and Editor offers simple editing options. The app offers resize of the selected area. It has a ribbon based interface which makes it simple to use.

GIFs do not seem to be going out of style any time soon

RecordIt is a simpler way of doing what Screen to GIF does. The application allows recording with a couple of clicks. You simply pick a region of the screen to record and it will be done. The results are posted online. They are easily shareable from there.

GIF toaster is great for turning existing video content on smart phones into GIFs. It scans through the collection of photos and videos. It is only available for iOS.

Giphy Cam is available for iphone users. Users can make GIFs from their phones by recording, adding captions and after effects. The results can be uploaded to social websites. The software is not available for Android users.

GIFBoom is another GIF making tool that you should check out. It helps users record and add filters then share GIFs. The popular section of the app has a lot of NSFW posts but the app is still worth having a look at. It is available for both ios and android.

GIF Me has a material design like many android applications. The app records GIFs quickly and sharing is even more easier. It has the option of making a slideshow of GIF which is new. GIF Me can also import videos taken earlier to be converted into GIFs. It is available for download on Android and iOS.

These are some of the easier ways to make GIFs through GIF making tools.

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