Screenshot flow, an app that allows you to create flowcharts via screenshots

You can see the advancement of technology from every perspective, even if it’s so little. You can find every sort of interesting and unique application that we can use for multiple purposes. Screenshot Flow is a really great example in that context. Screenshots are something that we usually don’t pay much attention to, but with this app, you can literally draw a diagram using screenshots in your gallery.

Screenshot flow provides an efficient way of creating diagrams using screenshots

The workings of the application are pretty simple. This will create a flow chart for you of the selected pictures. The feature can be really helpful for some types of people working in a specific department. People working in UX design can find this tool really helpful as it can create a visual representation of an idea, including the compilation of data regarding a specific project.

All you need to get it all worked out is some screenshots. It will also allow you to label your diagrams and flow charts. The app also provides support for Google Drive and many other services of that kind.

The app is completely compatible with allows you to edit and transform your diagrams in any way you want, without any restrictions.

The app design is simple and easy to understand

The design of this app is so simple that anyone can understand it at once. You can see your diagram in a table view containing two columns and an infinity number of rows, depending on how many you want. The number of rows can be increased along with the number of diagrams.

It’s easier to differentiate between your diagrams when they are labeled. You can spot any diagram at once, as the eye-friendly size icon can help you recognise the diagram you are looking for.

If you have such work, you should try this because it will help you with your work.