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Github Publishes Roadmap For New Features Asks For Feedback

A public roadmap is now available at GitHub, which not only informs about dates for new functions and security updates but also starts new participation. In addition, a number of new functions are now launched.

GitHub users should be more involved than before. GitHub has published the GitHub Public Roadmap on a special page, as a new public repository on GitHub, which everyone has access to. Above all, it offers information about planned features and an insight into all upcoming releases on the platform.

Github Road map

Not a rigid plan, but also a discussion start

It is important that the roadmap should not be a rigid plan, but should start the dialogue with the users. GitHub wants feedback and hopes to establish a valuable exchange with the users with the public function preview. In the GitHub blog, senior vice president Shanku Niyogi explained to details. This should also allow an early influence on individual functions from outside the team. “What we’re trying to do is to create a way for people to see what’s coming, to participate in this dialogue, to give us feedback, and to work with us,” said Shanku Niyogi. For Niyogi, it’s essentially about “building GitHub more the way people already build software on GitHub”.

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Notification of changes

You can use a feature that was recently introduced called “Discussions”. Users can also log in to be informed of changes to the roadmap. Then you get information quickly. The schedule now published is about a year from now. In addition, a number of plans are already underway, Niyogi reveals, but for the time being, you will always plan in public in smaller steps.

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