Gmail icon updated with dynamic theming treatment


Material Gmail was one of the first apps to support you and dynamic theming when Android 12 launched. But Google did overlook a specific point. The Gmail icon in the notification shade is that exact detail, but Google realized its error and ultimately added dynamic theming to that specific area of the app.

Google has finally given the dynamic theming treatment to the Gmail symbol

Depending on your theme (bright or dark), the Gmail icon was always red with either white or black. The Gmail logo’s black and white outline is still visible, but the background will change depending on your settings or wallpaper.

According to the photographs provided by Android Police, the red portion of the icon (the backdrop) will change color. By the way, not the status bar, but rather the notification shade, users will notice that change.

The most recent Gmail app update includes this modification

The updated Gmail app version 2023.05.28.54044.3362 includes this adjustment. Your device ought to have received that update by now; if not, it will most likely do so soon because it is being widely distributed.

Even though it is a little adjustment, it will be visible from the notification shade. There are actually two opposing responses to this development. On Twitter, I’ve seen both criticism of it and praise for Google for finally enforcing this change.

Some individuals don’t want the red, black/white color scheme for Gmail to change because they are so accustomed to it. That makes sense in a manner since if a notification is always the same color, it is simpler to identify it.

However, Google is already known for Material You and dynamic theming, so it was just a matter of time before this occurred. Why Google took so long to implement the adjustment is a mystery to us.

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