In the near future, Gmail will serve as your exclusive method of calendar scheduling

Calendar apps are a great way to manage and organize your schedule. The Calendar app by Google comes with a lot of useful features. Among several features, one of the most outstanding features is external appointment scheduling. External appointment scheduling tool works by enabling others to save a meeting slot with the respective user. Surprisingly, the tech giant Google is merging this feature into Gmail. In this way, users will have more control and accessibility to the feature.

Alongside several other new announcements, the company showcased how this new feature will work. Anyone can select the time window of their choice and convenience in the calendar from the email itself. It will eliminate the hassle of interacting with Calendar’s complicated interface. By collaborating with Stripe, Google has expanded the scope of these external appointments by enabling your recipients to quickly book paid meetings on your calendar.

The wonderful aspect of this new update is that it abandons the requirement of a Google Workspace subscriber. The feature will be rolled out for all users. in addition to this, a user can access more features by getting the paid Google One plan. The new feature has started rolling out to users. it will be available to users in the upcoming weeks. Besides the major changes to the Calendar and Gmail, the company has also introduced some changes to the file-sharing system on Workspace apps like Sheets, Slides, and Docs. The update will make it simpler to handle user requests for document access on Workspace.

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