Gmail’s Android app is getting a new quick reply feature

Whether you reply to an email or a message, the purpose is almost the same; however, the approach for both is different. Messaging apps mostly account for casual chats, whereas emails require a professional tone and style. It now seems like Google is going to reverse the idea by introducing a new feature to Gmail’s Android app. Reportedly, the company is going to add a quick reply feature to the app. Well, this is not an entirely new feature since it is already available on apps like Shortwave.

Gmail can be used for both business and casual conversations. In order to facilitate its users, Gmail will be rolling out a quick reply function. A small text field will appear at the bottom of the screen when you are in an email chat. You may type your email response there really quickly, as if you’re chatting on Telegram or WhatsApp.

The respond button appears on the left side of the screen while typing in the text field. In addition to an arrow underneath that button, you can tap on it to swiftly send the response. If you would like to alter the recipients or reply to all of them, tap that for further sending options.

The emoji picker button is available on the right side of the text field. The text field will expand as the user inserts text. It will be quite convenient since users won’t have to scroll to read the typed message. When typing, the emoji button changes to the Send button. Currently, there are no details on when this feature will roll out to the public. It appears to be a server-side update, so it won’t be added by updating the app. Just wait for the updates to arrive.

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