Google’s is expanding its Generative Experience to more than 120 countries

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Google has been implementing the technology of AI in almost all of its services. Most of the latest tools are being tested and initially implemented in the US. With the latest update via Google Bog, Google announced the expansion of SGE (Search Generative Experience) to more than 120 countries. In case you’re wondering what SGE is, well, it’s the latest upgrade of Google Search integrated with AI. As you join the experiment, you can see its summary of what you’re searching for.

For instance, if you type “best ways to remove nail polish” into Google Search, the top pages that provide instructions will appear. Above the results, SGE will provide a straight response to your query. It is no longer necessary to navigate between pages as a result.

As you may expect, there is some controversy surrounding this instrument. Those websites aren’t receiving your traffic since you aren’t visiting them. This significantly lowers the site’s business and ad revenue.

Google SGE is expanding up to 120 more countries

Prior to being released to the public, SGE underwent extensive testing, just like most of Google’s AI technologies. It took several months of testing.

Google is currently extending SGE to 120 additional nations, including South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Mexico, Brazil, South Korea, Indonesia, and South Africa. The fact that it’s only available in a few languages is a disadvantage, but Google is attempting to change that. Portuguese, Korean, Indonesian, and Spanish are the languages that are offered.

Additionally, Google is introducing Search Labs to these nations. Users can test out upcoming AI capabilities from Google Search Labs, a larger testing site. It enables you to be among the first to test out upcoming new AI features for Google. To try out these latest features, you can sign up for search labs.

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