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Go 64-bit-only on your Google Pixel phone

Among the phones that support the 64-bit apps, the Google Pixel 7 Pro and other phones of the series are going to be the first Pixel phones to support the 64-bit apps. Though, this indicates that some apps were unavailable to the new series. But actually, the move was quite smooth. Since all modern apps are built on models supporting 64-bit architectures. Since Google has rolled out the refreshed update, now you can update a 64-bit beta build on all Pixel phones. The Pixel 4a through the Pixel 6 series has received a recent update.

The images showcasing the new 64-bit-only support as well as the Android 13 Quarterly Platform Release 1 beta are available on the website of Android Developers. In comparison to the standard Android 13 QPR program, the platform could not be joined as an over-the-air update. Instead, it requires the manual operation of the 64-bit builds. Though, it has been cleared by Google that the images that surfaced on the website refer to a 64-bit-only environment. These configurations are just for testing the 64-bit app compatibility and only developers could use these.

As a devotee, you might be wondering to turn away from these builds. This particularly refers to the phone experience which won’t change as such. Mishaal Rahman is an Esper.io expert, she notes that the build is based on a small portion of the system (about 120MB savings in total). It sheds all the 32-bit system libraries, noticed as per regular phone usage. furthermore, one thing noticeable over here is that the Pixel 4a to Pixel 6 has got free of all 32-bit traces. But the Pixel 7 series still support the 32-bit libraries, even if they aren’t employed on the phones.

If you desire to try out the 64-bit builds you can easily update them over your existing Android 13 QPR1 beta build. In another case, you have to wait for the 64-bit option to become accessible to every user. Of course, Google doesn’t test such builds just for fun. It is likely that sooner or later every user will be shifted toward the new trend.

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