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Apple drops the MagSafe ‘Magic Charger’ for iPhone from the list of MagSafe accessories

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In 2020, MagSafe was introduced to the portfolio of iPhone accessories. It was introduced side by side with the iPhone 12. As of now, no further addition has been observed by Apple to the lineup of accessories that follow the footsteps of MagSafe technology besides the polarizing MagSafe Battery Pack.

Some recent images appeared on Twitter, suggesting a new MagSafe accessory developed by Apple. It appears like the accessory the ‘magic Charger’ has been deserted before its official launch.

@TheBlueMister is a Twitter user. This user is among those multiple accounts that often share information about unreleased and prototype Apple devices and accessories. In the same manner, @TheBlueMister shared the images of unreleased MagSafe accessories. Additionally, another Twitter user also shared images referring to the accessory.

The name “Magic Charger” was adopted for the accessory owing to what it looked like when paired with a Mac. The design of the Magic Charger is based on an aluminum foundation. The aluminum base is integrated with the MagSafe puck. The MagSafe puck can be aligned in accordance with the user’s preference. It can either lay flat or be raised upward thus acting like a stand.

Furthermore, we have no other information about the specs of this accessory. Additionally, we have no clue why Apple never unveiled this product. Well, this move can be thought of as the product is not quite useful and practical owing to its usability.

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