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Google and Samsung are co-working on an immersive XR headset

Back in February at the launch event of the Galaxy S23 series, Samsung shared that it is working in collaboration with Google and Qualcomm on a new immersive XR headset. As of now, Google emphasized during the I/O 2023 keynote event that it is working on the XR experience with Samsung.

It appears that Google acknowledged its partnership with Samsung on stage. The tech firm also shared that the new immersive XR experience will be based on Android. However, the company has not shared any specific details of the Android version for XR devices. Possibly the company is working on something that is suitable for the form factor of the XR headset form factor.

During the event, the Vice President of Product Management at Google, Sameer Samat, stated, “Google is excited about our new Android partnership [with Samsung] on immersive XR. More information will be shared later this year.” There is a possibility that Google will unveil a new version of Android UI that is designed for XR headsets and devices. Additionally, Samsung could come up with the first possible product based on that software toward the end of this year.

A few years back Google shared some details about a UI called Daydream for VR headsets. However, it was abandoned given the fact that the market of VR headsets was not booming at that time. But now Google, Samsung, and Qualcomm could come forward with something compelling that could compete with Apple’s forthcoming MR/XR headset set to release in July 2023.

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