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Google introduces the dual-screen translate feature

Pixel Fold is the first foldable smartphone by Google. Reportedly, the tech company unveiled its first foldable smartphone at the Google I/O 2023 event. Given the foldable devices, the software that supports the form factor is a great advantage. Expectedly, Google has introduced several of these features to the Pixel Fold.

Among those features, one is the dual-screen translation feature. Reportedly, it uses both inner as well as outer screens. It displays live translations. A split-screen interface is also displayed that enables the users to enter the text that they wish to translate. The translated text appears on one half of the screen whereas the actual text appears on the other half.

During the event, the company explained the feature with an example. It has been termed Dual Screen Interpreter Mode.  Just hold the phone in front of your friend or anyone and speak, the screen will display the translated version on the outer screen whereas the actual words will be displayed on the inner screen. Well, this is something quite interesting.

However, there is no certainty whether this feature will make its way to the Google Translation app or not. There is no clue whether the feature remains exclusive to the Pixel fold or it becomes available to all foldable devices.

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