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Google and YouTube are noticeably under pressure, cloud booming

The Google parent alphabet presented quite mixed balance sheets for the start of the year. The video platform YouTube, in particular, fell far short of the expectations set in it. In fact, there is hardly any reason to complain: the Google group booked a turnover of $ 68.01 billion in the first three months of the year. That’s slightly less than the analysts had expected, but it can in no way be said that the targets were clearly missed.

In a year-over-year comparison, it was still 23 percent higher. However, the company could not really convince in all areas. For example, there is a question mark above YouTube. The video platform did increase turnover, but significantly less than expected. Instead of a turnover of 7.51 billion dollars, only 6.87 billion dollars came together.

Pandemic is over

There were probably several reasons for this. On the one hand, the interest of users has not increased as much as last year, because many users no longer watch many videos at home due to Corona. People are now on the road more often and YouTube is growing less strongly. But there is also increasing competitive pressure.

Increasingly, users are using the newer TikTok platform, which often offers more entertaining entertainment. The cloud business, on the other hand, developed better than expected. Google is lagging far behind major competitors such as Amazon and Microsoft but is still trying to position itself more strongly in the business environment. Here, sales could be increased by 44 percent – however, a lot of money was invested, resulting in an operating loss of $931 million.