Google And YouTube Bans 5G Coronavirus Ads On The Platform


The UK has been a prime target for 5G Coronavirus conspiracy theories floating all over social media as well as on the internet.

Later it was reported that at least 20 mobile phones were attacked taking advantage of Coronavirus and promoting 5G Coronavirus conspiracy, Telegraph has reported.

Google has now banned advertisements in search results with the keywords related to Coronavirus, the ads apparently showed misleading health claims about 5G conspiracy theory that is supposedly causing Coronavirus all over the globe.

The ads are now prohibited under Google’s sensitive events policy, the policy restricts ads profiteering from public health emergencies like COVID-19. The policy has been in place since January when the virus started to spread fast.

As many as 20 mobile phones became the victim of cyber-attacks which used the Coronavirus conspiracy theory linked to the roll-out of 5G networks in the UK. It was reported earlier that YouTube will also ban the content promoting the Coronavirus conspiracy theories on the platform. However, it is not clear that YouTube will ban all the conspiracy theories relating to Coronavirus or it will only take on the theories in connection with 5G technology.