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Google announces its favorite Chrome extensions of the year

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Google has recently introduced interesting and creative features in the Chrome browser. Users are allowed to personalize their browser through customization. With the installation of these extensions on your device, you’ll be able to enjoy all these features. Although Google has shared detailed reviews of their favorite extensions throughout the year.

Google, on its official blog, announced the most reliable extensions for Chrome in the year 2022. The winner was chosen on the basis of four big categories:

  • Productivity
  • Focus
  • Games
  • Display/ views
  • Learning

The extensions picked by Google in the category “Technology” were Tango, Swift-read, Liner, Compose AI, Visbug, and check US Visa slots.

  • Tango gives you a pattern to follow when recording yourself.
  • Swift-read allows you to read three times faster than usual.
  • Liner assists you in managing and saving highlighted content, as well as providing reading recommendations.
  • Compose AI provides writing tools.
  • Visbug allows the creative designers to edit text and image content on the website.
  • Check US assists you in taking advantage of opportunities related to the opening of US visa slots.

For the “Focus” category, two extensions were chosen:

  • Workona Tab Manager allows you to manage countless tabs.
  • The CrXMouse Chrome gesture helps you create a navigation shortcut for the mouse.

For the “Gaming” category, two extensions were picked:

  • RoPro is designed for Roblox players who want to add unique features to their game.
  • eJoy help users to watch videos and movies with subtitles in multiple languages that help enhance language learning.

For the “Learning” category, it was aimed for benefits on the student level, and two extensions were chosen:

  • Equatio provides a digital math aide.
  • MyBib is a free citation generator.

Also, Google published a review of its favorite apps in the Play Store that was posted on their official blog.