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Lawsuit Accuses Facebook of Permitting Posts That Spurred Civil War in Ethiopia

After being fined over data leaks, Facebook and its parent company, “Meta,” are now being accused of allowing destructively triggered content that could cause the formation of communities in Ethiopia and that has caused many deaths during the past year.

According to Ethiopian researchers, the content is unchecked and could have resulted in triggering violence. It was claimed in the suit that the act of check and balance on published content was weak and had resulted in fueling hateful content on the platform.

According to Reuters, lawsuits have been filed in order to warn meta about maintaining the check and balance of shared content, appointing more people for content monetization, readjusting the algorithm standards to prevent the publication of such triggered content, and collecting a $2 billion fund to assist people affected by violence.

During a recent press meeting, Mercy Mutemi, head of researchers raised a question on Facebook’s strategy about published content. He accused the platform of publishing such content as well as making money through publishing such content.

Abraham Meareg, one of the team’s researchers, has suffered greatly as a result of this shambles.He held Meta responsible for his father’s death. as the content about his killing kept spreading on the platform. However, the company didn’t respond even after it was contacted, and they didn’t make an effort to remove those posts from the platform. As a result, in November 2021, he was shot dead.

Legal disputes in East Africa and elsewhere have been sparked by Meta’s ineffective content control. After approving pro-genocide advertisements that almost resulted in the social network’s complete suspension from the nation, Facebook has been accused of allowing its most harmful content to grow in Kenya. The Rohingya war refugees who brought the $150 billion lawsuit against Facebook said that the digital giant was to blame for the genocide in Myanmar. Amnesty International came to the conclusion that the corporation had in fact helped carry out the nation’s ethnic cleansing. Additionally, the business has been charged with the same dysfunction in nations including Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Cambodia.

When Meta answers Gizmodo’s request for comment on the most recent case, this article will be updated. Erin Pike, a spokeswoman for the firm, defended it in a statement given to Reuters, saying: “We spend extensively on employees and technology to assist us in locating and removing inappropriate information… We employ personnel with local knowledge and proficiency and keep improving our capacity to detect unlawful content in Ethiopia’s most widely spoken languages.

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