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Google Announces Nearby Share Airdrop Like File Transfer For Android Devices

Nearby Share

Google provides a function for Android smartphones and Chromebooks through which users can quickly share media and other files to other devices called Nearby Share.

For many months there had been rumors, tangible information, and then even test runs. It was reported earlier that the feature to share files like Apple’s AirDrop has been confirmed in the Android 11 developer preview. Now Google’s latest share function for Android smartphones is official. Nearby Share is the innovation that can detect the devices in the immediate vicinity based on Bluetooth and then quickly share media and other files. According to its own statements, Google is responding to years of inquiries from the Android community. Some smartphone manufacturers have already responded with their own solutions, such as Xiaomi, Samsung, and Huawei.

Only Google’s solution is available to everyone. Nearby Share automatically comes to Android smartphones from version 6, the new function will probably be distributed via the Google Play services. Nearby Share should automatically choose the transmission route, the company announces. “The nearby share then automatically selects the best protocol for quick and easy sharing via Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, WebRTC or peer-to-peer WLAN. This way you can carry out the approval even if you are completely offline.

Nearby Share is smart, fast, and private

Nearby Share is designed for privacy, you share files to contacts in your area. Of course, you can also configure in detail who can use this function with you. Nearby Share needs to know your contacts in order to use them.

Nearby Share starts on smartphones from Google and Samsung but is already compatible with devices from other manufacturers. Google should again take some time for the rollout, but it had already started in the last few days. Google also promises a connection to Chromebooks so that files can be quickly exchanged between smartphones and notebooks – available in the next few months. Google’s file manager has been offering a relatively similar function for some time.

Nearby Share Video
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