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Google Assistant Hits 500 Million Users Benchmark With New Features Coming

Google at CES 2020 has announced that it has more than 500 million active Google assistant users now, the decision to brag about numbers came after Amazon announced that it has over 100 million users on Alexa-powered devices.

Google Assistant Extended Features Beyond 2020

Google has also announced the new features coming to Google assistant including the most popular one’s household features and scheduling tasks.  

Google has unveiled that it will be able to make Google assistant read the pages for users, you just have to say Hey Google, read this page, it will trigger the command which will enable Google Assistant to read out the pages for users and it will be available in 42 different languages. Google also said the feature could be extended to reading emails in the future.

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Google Assistant will also power the TVs that are turned off, Google will collaborate with TV manufacturers and ask them to use microphones in their TVs which will eventually power up Google assistant for voice commands e.g. Turn On the TV, Turn Off the TV, Change the Channel, Volume Up or Volume down. Even more commands Play Music, Check Weather or ask a question.

Google seems to bring more intelligent changes to Google Assistant in 2020 than ever before, sticky notes on displays, scheduling tasks, household tasks, a voice command to TVs, reading the content and much more to come in 2020.

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