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Google Assistant is the best Digital Voice Assistant: A comparative analysis by a YouTuber


Technology has advanced and evolved over time. These advancements are not just related to one tech. Rather they have touched almost every bit of the digital time. This time we will discuss the tech of Digital voice assistants. MKBHD, the well-known YouTuber, compared the digital voice assistants of four tech giants. The comparison included Siri from Apple, Bixby by Samsung, Alexa by Amazon, and Google Assistant.

Answering questions and having conversations with voice assistants till now? You are somewhat behind since these assistants are now capable of doing several advanced tasks.

Among all the available voice assistants, Google Assistant is the best. Since it is backed by powerful AI by Google. It is capable of delivering services with complete precision and great functionality. Furthermore, it presents a better-personalized experience based on the data collected from its users.

Concerning the general question like weather, timer setting, and others, all assistants performed well. However, in contrast to Bixby, Siri was unable to set more than one timer. Furthermore, the comparison revealed that Bixby and Google Assistant offer more control over the device. These assistants were capable of interacting with the apps for instance voice recording, capturing a picture, and more.

Alexa by Amazon was the worst performer. The first and foremost reason is that Alexa is not incorporated into smartphone devices. That is why it could not provide a personalized experience. In addition to this, Alexa can’t interact with apps. It can’t locate facts. It accompanies weak conversational models that make it unfit when used across a mobile device. Moreover, the ads by Amazon make the overall experience a somewhat complete failure.

Though, Google Assistant is regarded as the best. But it greatly depends on the device it is used. A good user experience is highly related to the ecosystem that a user is comfortable with.