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Upgrade Root Certificate on Android 14 through Google Play services

Google is developing an amazing feature for Android 14. It is going to introduce a feature that will permit Android devices to remain connected to the internet even when they get outdated. In accordance with Mishaal Rahman, the new feature will enable the devices to upgrade the root certification on their own.

As of now, root certificates can be upgraded via system updates. Given the new feature, users could upgrade root certificates directly through Google Play services. Thus, enabling the devices to keep their internet connection alive and receive system updates even if the device manufacturer doesn’t provide any.

Some of you might be wondering what is a root certificate and why does it matter so much?

Whenever you visit some website using your Android smartphone or another device, a secure connection is built between the webpage and the device. This connection is based on the root certificate. The interesting thing to notice here is that these certificates are accompanied by an expiry date. Once they expire the website can’t build a secure connection with the Android device. Thus, indicating that website won’t open up on your device.

The device manufacturer can update these certificates via system updates. So, it is quite possible for devices to stop receiving updates from the manufacturer once they get old. It is quite possible for the root certificates to expire in the meantime and stop loading websites.

But thankfully, this won’t be the situation with the devices based on Android 14. The users of Android 14 will be provided with root certificates on Google Play Services, apart from the system updates. Thus, making the devices stay connected to the internet. Google is planning to integrate this feature as a mainline module. We can expect more and more companies will integrate this feature into their devices.

Let us further understand this feature with an example. Galaxy A01 and Galaxy M01 are entry-level smartphones by Samsung. They receive Android updates from Samsung for a span of two years only. Thus, indicating that in the meantime they would run out of their root certificates and won’t be able to upload the websites. Given the latest feature and Android 14 upgrades, this problem seems to be resolved.

In 2021, the root certificates expired for devices based on Android 7 or older versions of OS. Eventually, the devices couldn’t load several websites. The latest feature might prevent this issue from appearing again. In addition to this, the upcoming expiration for root certification is due in 2035. So people might likely don’t have to worry about this issue in the future.

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