Google At a Glance’s latest widget is coming soon

More devices will soon get Google’s at a Glance widget’s new look. Since it is no longer exclusive to Pixels, other devices will be able to experience a much more contemporary design of it instead of the antiquated one. On a few of my phones that run a stable version of the Google Search app, I got the update. In other words, contrary to what several sources have said, it is not just beta.

Google’s new At a Glance widget design

It’s reasonable to say that the modification is trickling out to virtually every phone with a contemporary version of Android because it was even implemented on the OPPO Find N2 with software designed for the Chinese market. The fact is that this is a server-side amendment following the latest design update announced earlier this month.

You’ll notice the change right away if you use this widget because it looks completely different. Since it better aligns with the contemporary Android UI, it was high time Google changed its policy.

You can still monitor your schedule, the weather, commute information, travel information, and much more with the widget. However, this will vary depending on where you live, as not all information is accessible everywhere.

By tapping the widget’s three vertical dots, you can change what you see. Once you’ve done so, you’ll be able to use the ‘Customize’ submenu to alter the widget’s style. You can turn off the information there that you don’t want to see.

You can alternate widget style

You can select whether you want the widget to have a solid, semi-transparent, or transparent back. All of it is up to you. The widget now has a pill-shaped outline, thanks to the new design. The weather information is now more clearly segregated on the right side of the widget. The date and all other information that will pop up are exactly next to the three-dot menu described earlier.

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