Google AI to summarize entire articles for users

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If the thought of having to read through a difficult web page makes you feel overwhelmed, there is hope. It will be possible for you to get a summary from an experimental Google AI capability. Only a few months have passed since Google unveiled Search Generative Experience (SGE), its AI-driven search engine, at Google I/O in May. The company has already improved SGE in several ways. It appears that the most recent update now has a tool that will summarize web articles for you.

Google’s AI-powered search engine has been modified to include article summaries

The IT giant already employs SGE to respond to search queries and condense search results, saving consumers from having to go through avalanches of search results. As per information via, Google is all set to take SGE forward with its latest feature that will summarize the whole article into bullet points for users (via The Verge).

As per the statement from Google, they explained it as the navigation of information and getting the desired result more efficiently. The capability is initially being made available to Google Chrome users on Android and iOS devices by the business. It will then reach desktop users after that.

The function is especially intended for long-form content, according to Google. The “Get AI-powered key points” option will show up as you scroll down a website. The article will be condensed into a summary when you click this.

According to Google, these features can be especially useful when learning something new or complex, but they can also be useful for other tasks like looking up a new recipe or doing research before making a significant purchase.

Notably, website publishers that want to retain users on their websites can object to the functionality. The SGE’s browsing capability will therefore only function “on articles that are freely available to the public on the web,” according to the business. As a result, it won’t function for content that is protected by a paywall.

Users who have already chosen SGE have immediate access to the feature. Otherwise, you may test it out on Google’s Search Labs as a stand-alone feature.

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