Google Bard is now available across Europe

Initially, the tech giant Google introduced its ChatGPT competitor Bard in some limited regions. Later on, the company introduced it in 180 different regions. It was expected to enter more markets in the near future. It appears that the time has arrived now since the company introduced its AI chatbot in Europe. Moreover, the chatbot will receive some fresh new features as well.

As per the announcement of the Mountain View-based company Bard is now available in Brazil as well as across Europe. Previously, the company didn’t consider the European Countries’ expansion possibly due to regulatory issues. Moreover, Canada was not included in the last extension. Furthermore, the company has added the support of 40 languages to Bard. The new languages include German, Hindi, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, and more.

In addition to this, the tech firm is also introducing several new features to Bard. Such features will help improve customer experience. Consumers will enjoy the customized experience as well as improved productivity. The most notable feature added includes the ability of Bard to read out the responses loud for users. some other customization features include the ability to adjust the style and tone of the AI chatbot for instance simple, long, short, professional, or casual.

On the productivity end, Google’s AI chatbot will receive the following new features. Users will be able to save and return to previous prompts by choosing the option to pin discussions. Moreover, users can now export code to various places like Python code to Replit. Bard will now generate links that you can share with others to showcase a conversation you had with Bard. In addition to this, Bard may now analyze images with the aid of Google Lens. Users can look for more details about an image or request captions.

Google claims that it will add support for more languages in the near future. Besides this, the AI chatbot will be introduced to several other regions as well. Currently, there is no information about the schedule when it will happen. According to the company, things may take some time since it is in discussion with the policymakers and privacy regulators.

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