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Google Blocks AnTuTu Due To Data Abuse

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After kicking AnTuTu out of the Play Store because of the developers’ relationship with Cheetah Mobile, also kicked out of the store, Google is warning that AnTuTu poses a great risk to the user. The notice is made by Play Protect as soon as you install the latest AnTuTu APKs on an Android with Google services.

The data stored by any mobile phone has enormous value for a multitude of companies, especially advertising companies. What apps do we have installed on the mobile, the contact list, how do we use the phone or browser cookies, all this information is accessible to any app that abuses permissions; as is the case with AnTuTu, a benchmark application that has been in doubt for months. Google kicked AnTuTU out of the store. And now it is going further.

Google Play Protect blocks AnTuTu APK

As we said, Google long ago set its sights on AnTuTu due to the privacy risks posed by its application. After expelling the Cheetah Mobile applications for advertising abuse, Google also removed the AnTuTu apps from the Play Store because they belong to the same company, even though the relationship does not seem direct. AnTuTu has continued to offer its apps in APK format, even updating them. And Google goes on the offensive to block the installation of those applications.

As we have verified on all our phones, Google Play Protect has gone on to block the APK installation of the AnTuTu benchmark. When trying to open the file, a striking notice declares AnTuTu’s lack of privacy, alerting that the app tracks user activity. At the moment Play protect gives the option of installing the app as well, but it would not be strange if the Android security system ends up being more restrictive and removes AnTuTu by itself despite the fact that the user has decided to take the risks of installing it.

Play Protect blocks the installation of the AnTuTu APK, but for now it leaves the user to run the risks of using the application.

AnTuTu receives the blockade by Play Protect in the latest versions of the app (we have verified it in 8.3.5 and 8.3.9 ). The application is free of viruses and malware, at least VirusTotal does not identify anything mysterious. In addition, only Google blocks its installation: the app is available in the Apple App Store, you can even download the added ‘3D Bench’ from the Samsung Galaxy Store.

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