Google Calendar will keep your location update for days full of traveling

Google Calendar provides a versatile experience for you with tools that can be perfectly helpful in terms of keeping a score of your productivity and scheduling your productivity in the best ways. With the recent update, you had the convenience of letting your co-workers know your schedule so that meetings could be planned accordingly. Yet there is another update that will keep your location updated while you move around the city, fulfilling your tasks for the day.

All the updates coming in from 2021 are appreciated by users, helping them up through the addition of work timing and locations for the day. Although this feature was limited to a day or two, Along with that, there was no other way to talk about your location updates throughout the day.

With the latest feature update, Google Calendar will allow users to add time frames for certain locations. In terms of the business world, it’s a huge breakthrough, as it will let your co-workers know your locations, especially if you are working in different buildings under the same complex. This can also be quite effective for those who need to travel for work; it will provide convenience about when you’ll be available for physical meetups.

This is especially crucial in the current environment, as businesses frequently use hybrid setups. Additionally, Google offers a simple way to set your work location selections to repeat themselves periodically. You just need to notify Google Calendar once if you regularly visit a client outside of the office on Tuesday afternoons.

Paying users of the Enterprise, Education, and Nonprofit Workspace tiers are the only ones who can use this feature. Unfortunately, private Gmail accounts are not supported. It is currently being rolled out and should be accessible to all qualified users by the end of the month, or July 29.

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