Google might add most awaited feature to Gboard

Since it comes pre-installed on most Android phones, Gboard has a sizable user base, but even if this weren’t the case, Google’s virtual keyboard would still be a popular option for its simple typing and practical functions. Despite having a ton of hidden gems in the mustiest nooks of its options menu, Gboard has long neglected an essential function: an undo button. Google has been working on a new feature for the app that will magically undo those unintentional taps, so this may soon change.

The most recent beta version of Gboard has a hidden feature that, assuming it becomes public, will allow you to restore deleted text with an undo button. This feature was discovered on the Rboard Themes Telegram channel. The feature isn’t currently available in the most recent beta; however, users have made it work by enabling a flag using the Rboard Theme Manager root program for Gboard customization.

Since the dawn of time, physical keyboards have had the ability to undo deleted text, yet few of the top keyboard apps offer this function. You can choose to restore erased text using a slide gesture in apps like Type wise or Samsung’s default keyboard app.

The most recent finding implies that Google is working on creating the same functionality for Gboard users. The undo option is in the app’s overflow menu, as demonstrated above, which may not be obvious to users when or if it becomes available to everyone. However, you should be able to pin the undo button to the top of the keyboard for convenience now that Google has added the option to customize Gboard’s quick actions.

Android detective Mishaal Rahman verified through testing that the current implementation does indeed allow you to pin the undo button to the toolbar. He added that a lot of erased words may be recovered using the button. In his tests, for instance, three paragraphs were restored all at once, and even when a character was erased one at a time by continually clicking backspace, the undo button was still able to restore at least a paragraph.

Although it’s not yet obvious when we may anticipate seeing this feature in a public release, it’s safe to assume that Google will ultimately implement Gboard’s undo button.

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