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Google celebrates Pixel Sales Record Despite Bugs

Google has made significant investments in its phones over the last few years and is now able to be proud of its success with the phones that are part of the Pixel 6 series. According to the company’s CEO Sundar Pichai, smartphones are selling very well. The advertising group and operator of search engines Google seems to be content with the high demand for its latest phones from the Pixel series. Sundar Pichai, head of both Alphabet as well as Google has said that Alphabet, the parent company of Alphabet, Alphabet, has recorded the most pixel sales in history.

Google boss is ecstatic about sales record but refuses to provide figures

According to Pichai in the 4th quarter of 2021, Google set an all-time record in sales for the Pixel series Ars Technica. No other time has Google had the ability to sell so many smartphones as it did in the final quarter of the year 2021. Pichai has not provided specific figures, however, and we are able to speculate on the number of smartphones Google is actually selling.

With the huge number of smartphones made available through Samsung or Apple the sales of Google’s Pixel 6 series are likely to be minuscule. It’s likely to be somewhere in the single-digit million range with regard to the number of Google phones sold in the final weeks of the year 2021. When speaking to analysts and journalists Pichai said that Google is able to sustain its sales record despite a very limited supply of many parts as well as a highly interrupted supply chain. The response from partners and customers from the mobile market was very positive.

The Pixel 6 Pro is the first smartphone from Google Pixel 6 Pro, Google has launched a smartphone with a higher-end price tag in the very first instance that, according to many experts is certainly able to compete with premium devices of manufacturers like Samsung and Apple. Samsung is a key player as a manufacturer of the latest Pixel models since they make a Google custom SoC and also provide the chip’s cell phone modem and supply the display.