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Google changed Android settings remotely without the user consent

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Google has said the company has changed the Android battery saver settings remotely last week without the consent of Android phone users, Google has apologized for the act.

The battery saver mode affects the phone performance as well as the apps that are required to work in the background. The discussion was taken to Reddit where Google explained that the company was doing an internal text which was mistakenly rolled out more widely.

The affected devices with this “battery saver settings” appeared to be running on the latest version of Android Pie operating system. The Battery Saver mode can cause delays in notifications and even stop the location services especially when the device is not being used in order to save power on the phone.

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“This was an internal experiment to test “battery saver features” which was mistakenly rolled out more widely to the users that were not intended.” The company said during Reditt discussion. The company further said, “We have reverted the changes back to previous default settings now, please configure it to your liking, sorry for any inconvenience.”

The affected devices include Google Pixel device, Essential phone, and some other Android devices, it is also possible that many of the users have not even noticed the change Google was making to their devices. Some of the users were quite unhappy when they get to know that Google has made a change to their devices remotely.

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