Google Chat’s latest update; new conversation screen might looks quite similar to previous one

The search engine behemoth’s response to Telegram and WhatsApp is Google Chat. This is the latest example of the “Material You-ification” and other UI redesigns that can occur with Google apps. A recent story claims that Google Chat’s discussion screen has undergone a significant makeover, and it appears rather similar.

Its appearance has been altered to resemble Google Messages. Not surprisingly, the company chose to model chats after messages. They have a cohesive appearance because of this.

Here’s a brief explanation of these apps’ features in case you’re unsure of what they are or are not. Google Chat is a web-based messaging service that enables you to interact with other Google account holders. That means it’s comparable to Messenger on Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp, etc. The basic SMS/RCS messaging tool for chatting with contacts is Google Messages.

Google Chat’s discussion screen has been updated

This is a nice update to the app that facilitates easier app chat. Previously, all the messages would appear to be hovering over the background. all of them positioned to the left of the screen, justified. Following the redesign, all of your messages will appear on the right side of the screen, with a bubble corresponding to each message. Additionally, your message will match your color scheme, while everyone else’s will be gray.

Google Chat upgrade

To display unread messages in Google Messages, a squiggly line will run across the screen. That was also adopted by Google Chat. Thus, it’s simpler to determine which messages recipients have not yet read.

This provides Google Messages and Chat with a more cohesive appearance by making them look remarkably similar. We are still unsure of when the applications will start to roll out this new design. It is now active on Google Chat’s web version.

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