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Google Chrome gets an improved screenshot editor

Google is working on improving the built-in screenshot editor for its Chrome browser. The latest update in the Canary Channel brings a new option to enable new tools in the screenshot editor. In February, Google launched the ability to edit screenshots directly in the browser as an experimental feature.

The editor isn’t fully developed yet – it crashes frequently, the editing toolbar disappears, and Chrome deletes screenshots on page reloads. The Chrome team is still working on the optimization. Now there are some improvements for the screenshot editor (via reddit) Since the innovations are in a canary build of Chrome, it is not yet known when the update for consumers will start. It will now be exciting when the beta phase starts.

New ways to add tests and characters

With the new editor, various shapes such as circles, squares, arrows, and lines can be added with just a few clicks. You can adjust the sizes and women and try out new tools for adjusting thickness and brushes. The attached text also has options for customizing color, font, and font size. The latest version of Chrome Canary is available on the official website for pre-releases.

If you have installed the new version, you need to activate “Desktop Screenshots” and “Desktop Screenshots Edit Mode” via the flags (chrome://flags) to try out the new features. Microsoft Edge also has a screenshot editor (called “Web Capture”), but it only provides basic drawing features for freehand drawings. Once Google makes further progress with its editor, it’s quite possible that Microsoft Edge will adopt the innovations as well.