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Google Chrome introduces passkey support for Android, macOS, and Windows

The passkey support feature for Chrome was announced by Google back in October 2022. Now Google is finally rolling out the passkey support for the most recent version of Chrome i.e., version 108. Android, macOS, as well as Windows, will receive Passkey support. Thus, it indicates that Galaxy smartphones and Galaxy Book users could sign in to the websites using a similar method to unlocking their devices.

Given this new feature, the passkeys will be synced via Google Password Manager and other credential managers on Android. As soon as the user saves the credentials on a website, they appear automatically in the autofill sheets on the respective sign-in page. One important thing to consider here is that passkeys are designed keeping in mind the industry standards. Thus, they could be utilized across various platforms and ecosystems. Furthermore, passkeys are equally applicable for their usage on a website as well as apps.

You might be thinking about how to set a passkey on your desktop device. Don’t worry. We will give you a quick brief regarding this. For using a passkey on a desktop device, users can “choose to use a passkey from your nearby mobile device.” Thus, indicating that both Android as well as iOS devices could be used. Google mentioned the improved security of passkeys. It emphasized that the securely generated code is swapped with a website. In contrast to a password, it can’t leak.

Users will be able to enjoy the passkey feature on the Google Chrome browser be it Windows or macOS.to make the passkeys functional, developers are required to design passkey support on their website. It could be done using the WebAuthn API. Google noted in its official blog that the team is working on creating passkey support for Chromebooks and iOS. Furthermore, Google mentioned that for the tech to be widely adopted it requires some time.

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