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Google Chrome To Adopt Https By Default Soon

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Earlier it was reported that Google will make it Https first for websites in the Chrome browser, and today the report from 9TO5Google says that Google Chrome will soon start an experimental improvement. When users enter a URL in the address bar, they will connect to the HTTPS version of the website URL by default, rather than insecure HTTP version.

Over the years, HTTPS has steadily evolved from a security statement for a specific site to become the basic standard for qualified websites. Chrome will also display the “unsafe” sign-on standard HTTP sites. However, Chrome will still connect to the HTTP URL by default after the user enters the URL without the protocol. If the website has the HTTPS protocol, the URL will be redirected.

Research Snipers learned that, according to the newly added settings in chrome://flags, Google will change the priority of HTTPS in the next few months. Chrome will first try to connect to the HTTPS version of any URL the user enters in the address bar. If the website does not provide HTTPS, Chrome will give up after 3 or 10 seconds and connect to the website via HTTP. This means the first connection attempt would be Https rather than the current approach which is http first and then redirection. This approach will be more secure and speedy, the websites already running on https will have faster and securer connection by default and the redirected requests would be minimized.

However, the report also said that because the logo just appeared in the Chromium code, it is unlikely to appear in the stable version of Chrome before the 90 version is released in April. Even if it appears before the 90 version, it may take several months to move it out of the experimental option and become the default option for the stable version.

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