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Google Chrome To Introduce Read Later Function Soon

Google Chrome was ahead of the competition in many areas and always introduces more or less innovative features, but sometimes you have to follow the competition: In the desktop version of the browser, a “read later” function has been discovered that is very similar should be implemented like the features of the same name in Firefox or Edge Browser. It can already be activated via the flags, but not yet used.

Many browsers offer a “read later” function, which can be used to save the currently open website in a separate list and to call it up again quickly. This is usually not much more than an expanded favorite’s management, just usually for temporarily saved content. Some have a cloud connection, some only use it locally. How Google implements this cannot be said at the moment.

In the flags of the browser, there is now the entry #read-later which describes a separate button and a menu in which the currently open website can be saved for later reading and can also be called up there. The button will probably be in the address bar, like the new QR code generator, and the menu could simply be an extension of the bookmarks. 

As it’s well known, the entries for “Apps” and “Other bookmarks” can already be found there. Another entry would hardly bother. The flag can already be activated in the desktop version of the browser, but not yet used. There is no visible function, but that could change every day or even hourly thanks to the server-side activation. Just try it out and wait until this function is offered.

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